Snorre Moen

© Snorre Moen

Evening | Beijing

Some evening pictures taken this spring. Some from the Qianmen, which was renewed for the Olympics. The gate is the Zhengyangmen gate which was the South gate of the Inner City in the old days. The Place is several shopping malls with a central plaza which has a 250m long overhead LED screen. China World Trade Center Tower III is the tallest building in Beijing (2015). It is 330m tall, 81 floors and 30 elevators. It is located in Beijing's central business district of Chaoyang and can be seen from almost anywhere in Beijing. Besides the normal office space there is also a hotel at the upper part of the building. The China World Trade Center Tower I & II is just nearby and now look really small compared to this giant - quite the opposite compared to my first years in Beijing where the I & II towers really stood tall and proud almost alone pointing to the sky.