Snorre Moen

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Panjiayuan Marked | Beijing

What started as a backwater market allowed to be opened for the public in the glory days of Deng Xiaoping's market reforms in the late 1980's and 1990's has developed to become Beijing's leading antiques market, a place of the people, yet found special and representative enough for all of China to become part of the schedule of visiting diplomats and heads of State.

Today's Panjiayuan Market is no longer a real flea market but a modernized facility and even an official "Institute". Since 1994 officially accepted and designated as a "Beijing Folk Market", Panjiayuan is by far the "biggest bazaar" in Beijing.

Although there is definitely too much to see and the market and its vendors change too often to describe all of them, among the more permanent speciality stores are some noteworthy shops.