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The year of the Rooster

The Chinese New Year, also called the Spring Festival or Chun Jie, is the biggest holiday of the year in Beijing and China of cause. Temple fairs were originally related to the religious activities of these temples, organized at the festivals of temples on certain fixed dates, along with some commercial activities. Gradually temple fairs have mainly become shopping markets and entertainment events for people, and religious activities have become less important. Temple fairs in Beijing have a long history, and the origin can be traced back to the Liao Dynasty (907 – 1125). The fairs are held at various ancient temples during festivals, so they are called "temple fairs". One of the city's busiest temple fairs, Ditan Park is the site of the altar where sacrifices were formerly offered to the earth God - but the fair looked more like a place to sacrifice your money the the all mighty commercial "whatever" than anything else. A lot of people and in good Chinese tradition not to well organised but certainly something well worth experiencing if you are in Beijing during the Festival.

Whale watching

Whale watching in Kaldfjorden just outside Tromsø in December 2016. A great number of Killer whales and a couple of Humpback whales was enjoying herring in Kaldfjorden.