Snorre Moen

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Tibetan family

We met this family from Tibet at the Lama Temple (Yonghe Temple), Beijing. We asked to take their picture and got their story and we end up spending some time with them on the bench in the shadow. They where traveling and visiting the most important temples outside Tibet. It was great with a reminder of the importance of the Lama Temple not only as a tourist spot but as a important temple for Tibetan Buddhists.

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Morning at Jingshan Park | Beijing

In the morning Jinshan Park is just full of older people doing different exercises. It is a special feeling being there around 07:00 in the morning and watch all this. Since the weather didn´t clear up as we were hoping for we could enjoy our morning tea and listen to some really good stories from Beijing in the 60`………

Morning view from the top of Jingshan Park and looking east towards CBD. Gives a nice "layered" view of Beijing. You can see the China World Tower III and the CCTV building in the morning mist. And this is mainly mist and not pollution as the AQI was below 50 this morning.

The Egg

Originally named the National Grand Theatre and officially known as The National Centre for the Performing Arts, Beijing’s ovoid opera house is locally referred to as ‘The Egg’. The Centre, an ellipsoid dome of titanium(!) and glass surrounded by water, seats 6,500 people in three halls and covers 200,000m2, and is designed by the French architect Paul Andreu. It is located just west of Tiananmen and is well worth a visit at sunset or sunrise.

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A group dancing in front of the west gate of the The Great Hall of the People in Beijing. The performance was more charming that professional, but the colors and atmosphere was as good as it gets.